Receivership and MIP Sales

ODB are market innovators in the area of Fixed Charge Receivership. We expedite the Receiver process by appointing one of our Solicitors as the Receiver allowing us to bring about a fast and efficient realisation of secured assets. Having an experienced member of our team appointed as Receiver while we are also handling all legal matters including rectifying Title or Security issues and ambiguities, dealing with any litigations or disputes (if they arise), coordinating the marketing and decision feedback to our client and then performing the legal work on the ultimate sale of the secured property has hugely improved our clients experience of Receiverships into a seamless and cost effective process.

  • Title and Security Review
  • Deeds of Appointment of Receiver
  • Conveyancing work in the sale of the secured property
  • Arranging Insurance for Secured property
  • Preparing Leases
  • Dealing with Management Companies
  • Liaising with registered owner and tenants
  • Obtaining vacant possession and any related litigation with interest parties
  • Liaising with Auctioneers and arranging BER Certification
  • Rectifying boundary and Planning issues
  • Advice to Mortgagee on their rights and obligations
  • Establishing position and negotiations on rates, NPPR and LPT with Local Authorities
  • Co-ordinating Tax advice and returns as applicable
  • Final outcome statements, net proceeds to Mortgagee
  • Dealing with subsequent creditors in relation to any residual debts etc.
  • Accounting to Borrower/Mortgagee including issuing Section 15.9 (SME Code) letters and discharging Security/Receivership

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